German chemical giant announced new investment to strengthen global footwear layout

Recently, the German chemical giant Basf announced that it will invest more to strengthen the global footwear layout. It plans to set up footwear development centers in the United States and Thailand. It is expected to launch footwear innovation centers in Taiwan in 2020 and expand the existing Italian footwear development centers.

Basf said that the shoe innovation center in Taiwan will be launched in 2020 to further enhance the strength of the Asia-Pacific region and the pipeline developed jointly with customers. The centre, based in Taiwan for strategic considerations, will help footwear professionals experience how Basf materials apply the latest manufacturing processes to comfort, performance, quality and design, and help in the future development of footwear.


Basf recently joined hands with Taiwan-based Longding Industries to launch X-Swift multi-functional sports and leisure shoes with high performance materials. Basf will also present a forward-looking concept shoe at the International Industrial Safety and Occupational Health Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany.
Basf is expanding the global footwear layout by taking the center as the global platform. The team is composed of process engineers, footwear experts and technicians. Through the latest technology and innovative solutions, Basf will shorten the marketing process of customers’products and help global designers and brand dealers to contact with material innovation and production.

Pete Zorney, president of consumer business in North America at Basf, points out that the footwear development center in Wyadotte, Michigan, occupies 2,000 square feet and is equipped with advanced footwear machinery needed to develop soles, midsoles and the entire sole. Through the testing of new materials and the production prototype of polyurethane direct injection moulding, the center will help designers realize their creative ideas and accelerate the speed of customers’marketing.

In addition, BASF has recently expanded its footwear development centre in Italy and opened a new centre in Thailand. Both centers are equipped with new machinery for direct injection moulding technology, and exhibition halls are also set up. Basf also has a shoe material development center in Shanghai, China.

Basf’s global revenue in 2018 is about 63 billion euros, of which the Characteristic Materials Business Department is actively developing in four areas: transportation, construction, industrial applications and consumer goods, with sales of 7.65 billion euros in 2018.

Post time: Jul-08-2019
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