How to do SOP in shoe factory

What is SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

SOP is the capitalization of the first letter in the three words of Standard Operation Procedure, namely Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), which describes the standard operating procedures and requirements of an event in a unified format to guide and standardize daily work.

The essence of SOP is to quantify the details. In more popular words, SOP is to refine and quantify the key control points in a program.

Characteristics of SOP

SOP is a program
SOP is a description of a process, not a result. At the same time, SOP is not a system, nor is it a form. It is a process that how to regulate the control points of a program under the process.

SOP is an operating procedure
SOP is a kind of procedure at the operational level, which is concrete and operable, not at the conceptual level. If combined with the standard of ISO9000 system, SOP belongs to the third-order document, that is, operational document.

SOP is a standard operating procedure
The so-called standard, with the concept of optimization, that is, not casually written operating procedures can be called SOP, but must be summarized through continuous practice, under the current conditions can achieve the optimal operation program design.

To be more popular, the so-called standard is to refine, quantify and optimize the relevant operational steps as much as possible. The degree of refinement, quantification and optimization is that under normal conditions everyone can understand without ambiguity.

SOP is not a single system.

Although we can define each SOP individually, from the point of view of enterprise management, SOP can not only be a single one, but also an integral whole and system, which is indispensable to enterprises. Moreover, this standard operating procedure must be refined and quantified.

Role of SOP

The technology and experience accumulated by enterprises are recorded in standard documents so as to avoid the loss of technology due to the flow of technicians.
Through short-term training, operators can quickly master more advanced and reasonable operation technology.
According to the operating standards, it is easy to trace the causes of defective products.
Establish a good image of production and obtain customer trust and satisfaction.
It embodies the core of ISO spirit (say, write, do the same). It realizes the standardization of production management, the systematization, standardization, visualization and simplification of production process.
Enterprises are the most basic and effective management tools and technical data.

Why do enterprises do SOP

In order to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises

There are two basic characteristics in the daily work of an enterprise. One is that the personnel of many posts often change. The other is that the basic operating procedures of some daily work are relatively stable.

Different people, due to different personalities, knowledge and experience, may do things in different ways and steps. Even though the ways and steps of doing things are the same, there are still some differences in the standards and degrees of doing everything. Therefore, we can quantify the smiles by SOP, that is, quantify and standardize the details.

At the same time, because SOP itself is the product of continuous summary, optimization and improvement in practice, it has accumulated many people’s common wisdom in this process, so relatively optimization can improve work efficiency. Through each SOP to improve the efficiency of the corresponding work, enterprises through the overall SOP system will inevitably improve the overall operational efficiency.

In order to improve the operation effect of enterprises

Because SOP is the optimization of the control point operation of each operation procedure, so that every employee can do things according to the relevant SOP regulations, there will be no major mistakes. Even if there is a mistake, it can be quickly checked by SOP to find problems and improve them. At the same time, SOP ensures the continuity of our daily work and the accumulation of relevant knowledge, and also virtually saves some management input costs for enterprises.

From the operating effect of each enterprise, the key competitive advantage lies in the lowest cost or differentiation. For competing enterprises with the same conditions, differentiation is often not in hardware, but in software. Software differentiation is often not in the big strategic aspects, but in the specific details. The difference of details does not lie in understanding, but in whether these details can be quantified, that is, details determine success or failure. Therefore, in this sense, SOP has a very good role in promoting the operation of enterprises.

How to do SOP

Make processes and procedures first
Determine the execution steps for each SOP task that needs to be done.
Formulate SOP by applying company template

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