Nike Shoe Factory announces that it will expand its factory to Vietnam, Indonesia and India at the same time.

As a Nike shoemaking professional agent factory, Fengtai Enterprise said on the 4th:

This year will increase Taiwan’s and overseas distribution. Among them, the new R&D center of Fengtai plant in Douliu has been completed one after another and will be put into operation in 2019. The Vietnamese plant will expand the new production line in Chunlu Industrial Zone, and the Indonesian plant will continue to improve production management and expand the new production line.

As for its Indian shoemaking production in 2018, 27.6 million pairs, accounting for 24% of the group’s second largest shoemaking base, continued to improve production management and technical capabilities, and continued to open lines and expand new factories in Tamil Nadu’s second industrial district.

In 2018, Fengtai’s total output of finished shoes exceeded 114 million pairs, 11% per year. Of these, 11.5 million pairs accounted for 10% in mainland China, while 60 million pairs accounted for 52% in Vietnam, which is the largest manufacturing base of the Group. It will expand its new production line in Chunlu Industrial Zone, Vietnam.
In addition, the annual output of Indonesia’s factories is 15.4 million double, accounting for 14%, which has surpassed the scale of mainland factories and leapt to the third largest production base of the Group. This year, production management has been continuously improved and new production lines have been expanded.

Fengtai pointed out that in 2018, there have been many important breakthroughs in product development, including the development and production of the first fully automatic laced basketball shoes, combined with translucent Flyknit upper design, for the perfect combination of electronic technology and basketball shoes. In addition, Fengtai also develops and produces the first Fast Fit new golf shoes, which can quickly tighten the upper by pulling the elastic belt to replace the traditional shoelace binding action.

Fengtai pioneered the first Max Air air bag with 100% lifestyle, and combined with the TPU ejector of the heel of the shoe, made the air bag extension effect, making the shoe more eye-catching visually, achieving the maximum shock absorption effect of the heel and wearing comfort.

Post time: Jun-12-2019
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