Shoe Factory Workshop Marking and Marking Management Requirements

1) Line type

Category A – Yellow Paint Solid Line
Line width 60mm: In principle, it is used for positioning line of articles.
Width 80mm: In principle, it is used for equipment area line.
Linewidth 120mm: In principle, it is used for main channel line.

Category B – Yellow paint dotted line

Line width 60mm: internal dividing line of large working area, allowing the passage line crossing (combining virtual and real);

Category C – Red Solid Line

Line width 60mm: the division line of the bad product display area (touching three walls, drawing a red solid line on the fourth floor);
Category D – Twisted zebra crossing with yellow and black (inclined 45)

Dangerous goods area line, warning area line and fire fighting passage line;

2) Location line

Category A – Location of Equipment:

All equipment and workbench are positioned with yellow quadrangular positioning line. The hollow part of the quadrangular positioning line of the workbench is marked “XX workbench/equipment”.

Class B – Location of Non-performing Products Zone (Waste Recycling Bucket, Box, Non-performing Products Placement Frame)

If the positioning range is less than 40 cm x 40 cm, the closed solid wire frame is directly used for positioning.
Category C – Location of Dangerous Goods such as Fire Fighting Equipment, Oil and Chemicals

Use red and white warning positioning line;
Class D – Location of common items, all movable or easily movable equipment in material code shelving and shape rules

Use yellow quadrangular positioning line;

Class E-Location of the Open Door Area of Fire Hydrant, Distribution Cabinet and Other Prohibited Items

Use yellow and white zebra filling lines;


Class F – Location of Mobile Equipment (such as Hydraulic Forklift, Electric Forklift, Material Turnover, etc.)

Use the positioning line around the yellow line and indicate the starting direction.

Class G – Location of Shelf
Class H – Opening and Closing Lines of Doors
Category I – Height Limit Line

Class J – Police Demonstration Circumference

Fire hydrants installed on the wall, distribution cabinets, distribution boxes, electrical control cabinets, etc., areas reminding operation attention, areas reminding walking attention, parts reminding the meeting, etc.

Category K – Location of Desk Items

Parts to be processed, parts to be processed, working tools, inspection tools, record sheets, small object boxes;
2. Channel marking


3. Notes for Painting
Because of the deviation between the computer display effect and the actual color, the color can be blended according to the actual effect of various colors (bright yellow, sky blue, bright red, standard green), but the requirement is close to the effect of the color sample displayed by the computer, and it is consistent within the factory.

4. Tool Sign
Uniform tool cabinet, mould frame and goods cabinet logo (pasted in the upper left corner of the cabinet door), indicating the category of tools, the person in charge.

The above stipulations can be adjusted individually in specific implementation. For example, some simple occasions where only the name of the logo can be printed and produced by themselves, but the requirements are striking and beautiful, so as to strive for a unified standard within the unit.

5. Workshop Material Label
The material placement point, the material to be processed and the material to be processed in the workshop, and the control of the material name, quantity, specifications and the maximum upper limit.
6. Regional Sign Board Setting
7. Other matters needing attention
The trash can is stored at fixed points without wall, cleaned regularly, and can not overflow or backlog.

Workplace mapping should be planned and displayed as follows:
Production site (or team area location)
In-process turnaround
Garbage Storage Points

In the work or production site, all facilities and articles not specified in the fixed drawing should be cleared so as to match the drawings.

No curtains or other obstructions can be suspended from the windows in the workshop.

Team rest areas have clear set-up and slogans.

Post time: Sep-02-2019
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