Shoe prototype exposure inspired by Japanese characteristic shoes

At the beginning of the month, it was reported that Kanye West was wearing a pair of new shoes that exposed a suspicion of YEEZY in public. They were designed as socks and were extremely slim and close to the feet. The body of the shoes was made of similar soft rubber materials and waterproof rubber edges were added. The soles of the shoes had only a very thin layer, which made them look a little like Japanese foot bags and shoes.


In a twinkling of an eye, a sample of this pair of shoes appeared recently. Its name is tentatively “Coachella Scuba”. You can also see the details of the shoes more closely. Although no news confirms that it will be launched, will you start if it is officially sold?

Related early reports:

Kanye West’s style has always been a hot topic among fashion fans all over the world, even wearing some YEEZY shoes that have never been officially exposed. Recently, he appeared in public wearing a suspicious new pair of YEEZY shoes.
Kanye West personal Instagram screenshot
Detailed screenshots

From the photos, it can be seen that the shoe design is as slim as a sock. The shoe body is made of similar soft rubber material and waterproof glue edge is added.

The sole is only a very thin layer, full of science fiction, but there is no more relevant information for the time being.
Rapper 50 Cent personal Instagram remake

Only rapper 50 Cent should not like it very much, because he said in his personal Instagram that he would never wear these shoes.

What do you think of these shoes?

Post time: Jun-12-2019
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