There is only one reason why shoes can’t be sold

Many people believe that July and August are the off-season of the industry every year, coupled with the hot weather and few people on the road, poor performance is a normal phenomenon. Some bosses are also asking, “How do you motivate employees in the off-season?” I wonder, when you think of it as “off season”, how can incentives make the market a “peak season”?

In fact, in such hot weather, who will come out to visit?

The answer is: customers with clear shopping needs!


When the weather is comfortable, 500 people pass by the door every day, of which 100 people must buy it; 80 people buy it because of the store service and the products they like; 320 people may not buy it if they kill. When the weather is hot, there are only 100 people at the entrance, and these 100 people are basically sure to have shopping needs. So, it looks like off-season, hot, and people flow is obviously decreasing. In fact, the weather is helping us to screen customers.

However, as the number of shoppers has dropped significantly, many guides are playing with mobile phones, chatting, and dull expressions in empty spaces. Even if someone comes in, the service attitude can not be changed at once, so there are fewer people and the turnover rate is still not improved.

It is precisely because more guides have bad attitudes and glassy eyes, which make customers feel uncomfortable, that is the opportunity for those stores with good attitudes. You know, people who come out in such hot weather must have shopping needs. If your service is good, customers will eventually buy it in your store, which may be even better than you think in the peak season.


As the number of shoppers drops, you have time to communicate with customers in depth and encourage them to try out… Thus greatly improve the turnover rate and unit price.

So, or that sentence: Only the idea of off-season, no off-season market!

Stop complaining about your poor performance. There’s only one reason. That’s laziness.

You always say that the reason why business is not good is because “nobody”…

But do you know how many prospective customers pass in front of your store and don’t come in? The interception and shouting of guests need not be so skillful, just do it. With the increase of the number of people entering stores, the performance will naturally be higher!
You always say that you are not talented and skilled enough to compete with others…

But do you know which shopping guide’s skill is not constantly improved by a thousand hammers? Even if it’s true that your talent is a little shallow as you say, it’s sooner or later to keep practicing through your work, surpass others and become a super salesman. The most frightening thing is that talent is shallower than others but lazier than others.

You always say that the influence of online shopping and competition are too stimulating…

But do you know that online stores and competitors are keeping in touch with your customers? In your spare time, you only complain, chat and play with your mobile phone, but rarely keep a link with your customers. Even if you don’t know VIP management skills, even if you just send out more friends, more phone calls and Wechat invitations, some customers will be invited into the store.

You always say that the sales champion (even the boss) in your store seems lazy too…

But do you know, that’s because there may not be any real champion and master in your store, maybe the champion in your shop can only rank the bottom of the top stores. No one can get ahead by being lazy unless her competitors are lazier than her.

There are thousands of ways to improve performance, and nothing can escape a basic requirement – farewell to laziness!

Post time: Jul-04-2019
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